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The library at the Ba Ria campus provides learning resources for the studying, teaching and researching needs of the lecturers, staff and students of PVU. With a total area of 80m2, the library is able to accommodate up to 60 readers, equipped with 20 computers and Wi-Fi networks.

At the moment, the PVU library has collected about 300 books, 50 theses and technical reports in English, and 200 titles with 2000 copies in Vietnamese. These documents cover various topics such as: petroleum engineering, geology, civil engineering, chemical technology and mathematics, physics, etc. The library is also preserving the special collection issued on the 50th Year Anniversary of PetroVietnam Corportation and has a large number of English books for English teaching programs at PVU.

PVU library resourses are organized by Library of Congress Classification and document records are stored in online catalogs in order to facilitate searching and browsing by authors, titles, keywords, subject headings, etc. via the library portal.

Every year, the University develops the library’s collection by purchasing new books and electronic resources so as to serve its users more effectively.

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